"Their spirit, captured!"

Create a fantastic image of your pet, either an outdoor lifestyle action shot or studio portrait.


Ever wondered why it’s so difficult to get a great photo of your dog?

Dogs move quickly, often unpredictably. They don’t always like having a camera pointed at them and change their expression accordingly. Even if they do sit still, a camera on ‘auto’ can struggle to work well, especially with pale or dark coated dogs; they can’t ‘expose’ the image properly.


Consumer cameras are amazing these days, even phone cameras can give good results.

A Dog’s Life Photography use professional cameras, lenses, lighting and editing software, but this great technology cannot replace photographic talent: the ability to create a well composed portrait; putting the subject at ease; and being able to capture their spirit in an image you’ll want to admire, time and again. That’s the skill you pay for when you hire a professional photographer.


A great portrait photographer works well with their subject. If the sitter feels uncomfortable the results will be unnatural and awkward.

As a trained behaviourist Ian has an advantage: he understands canine body language and has an acute awareness of how a dog is coping with a situation. Benefiting from this knowledge, Ian will ensure the best environment to photograph your dog and this will be evident in the results. The spirit of your dog, captured in a fantastic portrait.