Photo-Shoot Package: Pawtrait 2

Price £65.00 payable on booking.


For those whose dog may need a little extra time or if you are a two-dog household. Still with the option of an outdoor lifestyle or indoor studio image but with a little extra time to accommodate two dogs.

Choice of studio or outdoors will need to be specified at the time of booking. Studio style sessions do depend on the space you have available and whether your dog is likely to be happy with studio lights in close proximity.


For outdoor locations:

Simply choose a walk you and your dog know well; somewhere your dog feels comfortable. You and your dog walk; I take photos! Treats are a great help to encourage nicely posed shots. Toys too can be great for action shots.


Studio shoots:

I’ll come to your home with a small portable studio, including lights and a backdrop to create iconic portraits against a plain white or black background. If you have a place in your home your dog loves to relax, that too may be great spot to grab a picture.