Photo-Shoot Package: Pawtrait 3 - The Pawtrait Party!

Price £95 payable on booking.


For those from a multi-dog household, Pawtrait 3 is the option for you, allowing up to 4 dogs to join the shoot. It’s a great opportunity to club together with your friends for a Pawtrait Party… all head outdoors together!

A two hour walk can be tiring, especially when posing and working for the camera. Flexibility is the key to ensure all dogs get their time in the lime-light, so planning a walk where some dogs can rest while the others play model is important.

Even out on a walk where the dogs are at ease, with 4 dogs, careful planning is important. If the dogs are not used to being walked together, then it is advised you put in a few walks together first so they are comfortable in each others company.

Equally, it is advised that at least 2 humans join the 4 dog walk to help proceedings, especially when trying to get individual shots or posed action shots.